Writing Craft

Links to downloadable writing tools. I hope you find them useful.


A list of Weasel Words. Words that weigh a manuscript down and do not add anything of value. Eliminate these and your work will be lighter, less cliche and easier to read.


A checklist of items that need to be on the first page of a manuscript.

Named Motivations

A list of motivations. Everybody is motivated by something to do what it is they do, whether take over the world or just be a better mum. Have a look at this list and find out what it is that makes your character behave the way he/she does.


This is a helpful sheet that I found on another website. It was a giveaway, anyone can use it. Feel free to download, highlight, etc and use it to kickstart some fresh ideas or just bring a bit more character to your current wip.

Character Trait Chart

A list of questions to get you thinking about your characters and what they look like/interact/what makes them different.

Character sketch

A Character sketch to print out and fill in. Helps to get to know your characters better.

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