Celebrating The End.

Last night I typed “The End” on my manuscript, A Certain Woman of Worth.

After working diligently for just under a year, learning the craft of writing, editing, perfecting Point Of View, joining critique groups and doing even more editing I had written 93,362 words.

I typed those two important words. “THE END” Seemingly innocent by themselves, but together significant in what lay before them. A story that gripped my heart, danced through my mind (often at inopportune times, like when I wanted to go to sleep at 2am) and stirred my soul. A story that demanded to be written, one painstaking word at a time. A story that comes from my own store of hurts and trials, to speak forth truth and freedom. Of course, that’s just my opinion, others might think otherwise and want to use it to light the fire. But each to his/her own. 🙂

But after all the effort of getting there, I typed The End and sat there, laptop on my lap, cool draft blowing past me, cooling my nose. I blinked at the screen, expecting joyous emotions to flood me or Something Significant to happen.

And it didn’t. As one of my critique partners and friends pointed out, you kind of expect there should be music and a marching band or something. Instead nothing changes except that you typed, “the end.”


Oh, well. I determined that I would celebrate in spite of my reticent feelings. Today I brought a packet of caramel Tim Tam’s and a can of pepsi for myself and a box of Shapes biccy’s along with a bag of marshmallows for the children- for being patient with me and for their encouragement.


We eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we… no wait, I’m rewriting the end of that. …for tomorrow we write again!

Tomorrow, I shall give free reign to the new story ideas that have been bugging me for about the last six months. I shall plot and dream, and most importantly–write! 🙂

Makes me think when we come to our own End in real life. What happens then. Well, good news if you have trusted Jesus to be your Saviour–you can expect a ‘happy ever after’ with Him in heaven. And God being God, He celebrates things differently to us. He celebrated when we first trusted Jesus to save us, (kind of like the very first words of our fictional story, the Once Upon A Time) and when we get to heaven He will celebrate again. ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’


How about you? How do you celebrate “The End”? Do you do anything special to mark the occasion? Are you still dreaming of writing those famous last words, if so how would you like to celebrate that occasion?