Ethan & Lisbeth

My Work-in-Progress: The Secret Keeper.

She took his horse, took his heart, and left no forwarding address for either….

Ethan Harding
Ethan Harding

Lisbet Banning doesn’t want to be found.

She has become “The Secret Keeper” to her newspaper boss by day, and a thief by night to keep her blackmailer at bay.

Sweet Angel
Lisbet Banning

Ethan’s next bounty should be an easy job. He’s to retrieve a woman who has stolen an inheritance…who just so happens to be the woman he loves.

Lisbet needs to cool her heels. Her last theft came with strings attached–strings of pearls. Fencing them brought some unwanted attention and she needs to lay low. Plus, her assistant job at the newspaper is on shaky ground when her boss’s nephew arrives and smoothly makes him indispensable. Ethan’s offer sounds simple: return with him to sign some papers and then never see him–or the reminders he brings–again.

But Lisbet’s secrets will rip the family apart.

Can they trust the Lord to bring the healing and truth to the Harding family?

Is he really a good, good Father?


The Secret Keeper, book three in the Harding brothers series.



2 thoughts on “Ethan & Lisbeth

  1. Hi KyLee! Great to see your smiling face here. 🙂 Glad you loved Tyrone and Jane’s story. Ethan and Lisbet’s story is next on my list to write. I’m looking forward to getting to know them better and then introducing them to you. 🙂


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