For Readers

Hi! This page is for my readers. 😃 Hope you enjoy!

business card front
New business card. So pretty…

If you’d like a bookplate to print out and stick to one of my books then click here. Just right-click the image that opens and choose where to download it.

FREE STUFF! {Okay, there WILL be free stuff. This is a work in progress}. I’m open to suggestions!

Love free Christian ebooks? Especially Christian fiction. Here are some tried and tested links. 😀, Amazon Top 100 free Christian romance, Christian Book Finds, here, and here.

Are you on Pinterest? I am. Makes sense, really, since I get so easily distracted by shiny things…

In my snippets of spare time I find that Pinterest is a great place that I can share historical details about my characters and the era my characters lived in, fun craft projects that I’ll probably never complete (honestly! 😀), organization tips and tricks, cute garden projects that I’ll most likely never accomplish (cos, you know…shiny things. And children. And books…), plus a bunch of other stuff that I find interesting. Pop on over. Follow me. I’m happy to follow your boards as well. 🌼

If you’d like to drop me a line or ask for a bookmark, please use the box below. 😃

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