A really great poem about Pentecost. Too good not to share! 🙂

A motley crew, we wait and pray. The Master’s gone. We wished he’d stay. The Baptism, the promised power, is coming soon, the awaited hour. Pentecost. We’re all together, A violen…

Source: Pentecost

3 thoughts on “Pentecost

      1. The Holy Spirit (tongues of fire) rested on the apostles. They are the subject of verse one as seen from the last of chapter one. The crowd came then and heard the apostles.(v.6) Each in the crowd heard what was said in their own language (v. 6) This amazed them. It seemed to me the poem indicated that everyone there (men and women) had received the Spirit just the same as the apostles. That’s what I meant that didn’t match.


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