That new car smell :)

Hi! Today I’m both tired and excited.

I picked up my brand-spanking new car!

New car

Yes–the bow is for me. 🙂 Made me feel pretty special.


This is my first new car ever, so I’m super excited.

Had a couple of interesting moments today in it. It’s a manual transmission and my old car is an automatic…so I did a little bit of stalling and bunny hopping through some gears. Stalled twice at the main set of traffic lights in Bendigo and I missed the green light. So embarrassing! Also, I forgot to fuel it up…made it home with 4kms to spare. Had to nurse the car the last 20kms to make sure I’d make it. Serves me right for being distracted!

My first drive!

Left town this morning at 6:30am to pick it up in Melbourne. Arrived home tonight about 7:30pm. Hence the tiredness and the headache.

A big thank you to my friends in town who minded my children so I could pick up the car. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Anybody have a 1st new car story to share? Or a funny car story? I’d love to hear it. 🙂

12 thoughts on “That new car smell :)

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  2. Congrats on the new car, Lucy! I have a funny story–I bought a used car in California years ago when I fist moved there. I didn’t have much money, so I got an ancient Oldsmobile. I got a job at a stock brokerage and was embarrassed when I pulled into my parking place because the car would actually GROAN because the radiator leaked badly. I had to carry around a milk jug of water to add so the car would quiet down LOL! I’m happy to say that I’ve come a long way since then…


    1. dingo4mum

      Oh, that is funny!I think this current generation is missing out on a whole slew of funny car stories because of how electronic and high tech they are becoming. 🙂


  3. Susan Donetti

    Yay for you and congrats on getting home in one piece. I had an old red Maverick. Loved that car but it had a hinky choke. Used go have to jump out at stop lights and push the choke open with a pen or my finger so it wouldn’t stall. Then leap back into the car and drive away. Got really good at it. Lol


  4. Lucy – SO excited for you!!!! That’s a beautiful car 🙂

    Hmmm … funny car story … I must have one somewhere, I’ve had that many different cars.

    Well, I’ll tell you not about my first car, but the car I learnt to drive on. Actually, it was my dad’s old van. And whilst embarrassing for a teenager to be getting around town in a van, I have to say that because I learnt to drive in a van – manual, no less – everything else since has been a cinch to drive 🙂 I’m thankful for that old van!

    Enjoy your car, Lucy! I know you will 🙂


    1. dingo4mum

      Thanks Helen! 🙂 I’m glad you can see the blessing in learning to drive the van. Good for self esteem too, I’m guessing. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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