Preparation for Conference. Are you ready?

The ACFW conference is just around the corner. For those of you who are panicking, ahem, I mean preparing for it, are you ready?

In the words of Ginger and Bunty from “Chicken Run”

Ginger: Ladies, please. Let’s not lose our heads.

Bunty: Lose our heads? Aaaahh!


I’m not going to tell you what to bring, or what not to bring… These people already do a fabulous job of that.

Instead I’m going to post some helpful links for One Sheets, Synopsis’s, and Marketing Plans.

I’m not an expert… but I can direct you to places that I’ve found useful, as have a lot of other people. 🙂

One Sheets

Kaye Dacus is the current Go-To girl for some great examples of a One Sheet.

Suzanne Harman has some great links, as well as a lovely One Sheet herself on her blog.

Agent, Rachelle Gardner has this to say about One Sheets.


Camy Tang has a worksheet on how to write a synopsis. It’s $5 and WELL worth it. I’ve used it and found it helpful, as have many other authors-both published and unpublished alike.

A few blogs with synopsis how to’s. Here and here. There are LOTS of how to sites out there, some peddle the same info, and some is just maddeningly unhelpful.


This was harder to research, and each agent/editor wants something a little different. My suggestion… check out each individual agent/editor’s site and see what their requirements are.

Rachelle Gardner has a blog post about these.

Marketing Plan

My marketing plan is based a little on this. A few good practical tips for writing a Marketing Plan here. Published Bestsellers have a sample of how to write a Marketing Plan.

Together, we can help each other.

I’m sure there are many, many other blogs and websites out there that I haven’t had the good fortune to stumble upon. Here is just a sampling. I hope you find it palatable. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Preparation for Conference. Are you ready?

  1. Thanks for the blog mention here, Lucy. I think maybe you should have warned folk that they should expect a tad bit a Texas drawl in that particular post. Or should I say…
    Thank ya kindly, Ma’am. I shore do spect folk ta feel at home on the range yonder in Texas.
    See y’all right quick now. Ya hear?


    1. dingo4mum

      No worries, mate. You have a fun blog post and I don’t mind recommending it. I could have mentioned that your post was dripping in southern charm. But I didn’t, I like to surprise people…

      I’ll be sure to pull up a stump and make myself at home. 🙂


  2. Ginger Solomon

    Wonderful post, Lucy. Can’t wait to meet you at said conference.

    And no, I’m not a chicken (otherwise, I wouldn’t be going to conference LOL).


    1. dingo4mum

      Hi Ginger! I’m not a chicken either. 🙂 Not sure if I haven’t fully grasped everything that is going to happen, or am just blase… Clucking forward to meeting you. hee hee.


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