Hi!! Come on over to “Our Mutual Friends to hear about one of my favourite musical, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, and how it helped influence my story. 🙂

Our Mutual Friends

This is a Special Edition of Our Mutual Friends. In addition to being about a fabulous movie, this week’s post is written by a special guest, friend and fellow aspiring author Lucy Morgan-Jones.

I can’t resist saying a few words about the movie, but then I’ll be quiet and let Lucy do the talking.

 Liz on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Red heads! Seven of them! That’s enough to make this a great movie. The catchy songs, great dance routines, and fun storyline are extras. The movie just makes me smile—“Bless your beautiful hide,” alphabetized brothers, Frankincense, Sobbin’ women, the bride kidnapping.

Interestingly, this movie also helped me with connect with one of the members of my critique group. I recognized the influence of this movie on her story and mentioned it. We then discovered we had a “mutual friend” in classic movies, particularly musicals, and I decided…

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